Emaciation Biography

EMACIATION was formed in 1996 by Lord Kirby Ray – guitar and vocals, and Immortal Stu Farris – drums, whom to that point had been playing in the bands, THE HONEY OFFERING and GIKK. Both are respected bands in their own right as pioneers in the US Underground Avant-Garde Metal scene, with various releases on cassette, CD and vinyl and many shows played across the USA throughout the early, to mid 1990s. The lust for playing simpler, yet more ferocious styles of Metal, while being very inspired by the first and second waves of Black Metal, grew into the birth of EMACIATION. The duo was joined by another GIKK member, D.W. Iron Aden – bass, thus creating the first, full line up.
With a few players coming and going throughout 1997, EMACIATION was eventually joined by Countess Jessuka – synth / flute, resulting in the creation of their debut demo, Of Earth, in 1998. Containing a dark, grim atmosphere with loud guitars, eerie synthesizers and raw vocals, Of Earth was released on cassette, in a very limited run, and only spread amongst friends and a tiny number of fanzines. Today, a copy of the tape is an extreme rarity in the Metal Underground. The band also had contact with Metal Legend Christophe Szpajdel during this time, who contributed his talents to their logo, which is still proudly used today.
Shortly after Of Earth’s release, Farris departed to ride the rails in the Punk band STEERJOCKEY, while EMACIATION focused on establishing what has become the “Classic Line Up”. This consisted of Lord Kirby Ray – guitar and vocals, D.W. Iron Aden – lead guitar, Countess Jessuka – synth / flute, and the additions of Hellfingers Big Ben – bass, and Beer Purg – drums. It was this line up that helped shape the sound and style that EMACIATION is most known for. In 2000 the band unleashed the Toils of Earth album, again, in a very limited run of cassettes. The album featured the single-and the band’s only video to date-Aeons Alone.
After three years and many shows around the US; Countess Jessuka, Hellfingers Big Ben and Beer Purg all left to continue expanding their musical repertoires through university studies. Following a very brief rest, EMACIATION returned with a vengeance and were joined by Brandor El-Frink on bass and Alex Caliber on drums, in 2003, and Angelus Elegy on synth, in 2004. The result is the 2004 album, Planet in Bliss. The album was recorded at Echo Echo Studios with Brandon Drury producing and features Nicole Arnzen on soprano vocals-a first, but not final addition for the band’s unique sound. This album was also in a limited run and marked the band’s first CD release.
At different points in early 2005, Alex Caliber and Angelus Elegy both left to focus on their bands, BLACKENED SOUL and TETHAUM, respectively. A few drummers sat in at live shows during this era; including James Belford from the Black Metal band AMINION, and a lengthy stint from current drummer, Sirjay, whom was also playing in BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA, at the time. In late 2005, B. Glenn Stranger of THE SORRYS was brought on as the full-time drummer. The synth position also saw various members from 2005-2013, when the vacancy was filled by a talented young musician, ‘Gnarly’ Charlie Rockwell. Also, during 2010, in a unique move, for the first time, EMACIATION added a third guitarist, Travslyvania.
2014-2015 was spent in the studio with Travsylvania himself on the boards and the end result is the new EMACIATION album, 2016’s Earth Odyssey! The album has the most haunting sound EMACIATION has captured yet and features seven brand new songs, alongside new recordings of five classic songs from the EMACIATION catalog. The album art, equally as haunting as the music, was handled by long-time band artist/photographer, Brant Hutchcraft. Much effort went into the creation of Earth Odyssey, so it only seemed fair to the music, and the fans, to release it as a pro-pressed CDR, with excellent sound quality, beautifully printed artwork and a shrink-wrapped hard case to keep it all together! It also marks the first time EMACIATION has been available digitally, with Earth Odyssey doing the rounds on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and numerous other streaming and download sites.
Early 2015, however, saw even more line up changes: with B Glenn Stranger and Travsylvania both leaving to focus on their personal lives outside of music; and after long and difficult consideration, the decision was made to part ways with D.W. Iron Aden, due to unsolvable differences. Band founder, Lord Kirby Ray, called it, “The hardest decision we’ve ever had to make and it absolutely sucks.”
Fortunately, there were two, long-time friends of the band – that happened to be past members – ready to fill the vacancies, and in the summer of 2015 EMACIATION saw the return of Sirjay on drums, and Angelus Elegy had come in on lead guitar, now going by the name, Anulos. This line up is very strong and equally passionate about the directions they are traveling into as EMACIATION! Presently, EMACIATION is hard at work on new music to be released together with a couple of previously unrecorded songs, as an EP in celebration of their twenty years in existence, that is scheduled to begin production by the end of summer 2016.
Throughout their history, EMACIATION has played numerous shows and festivals, including the legendary Milwaukee Metalfest on several occasions, and the list of bands they’ve been honored to share stages with includes: Amon Amarth, Anal Blast, Arch Enemy, Body Count, Cannibal Corpse, Children of Bodom, Death Angel, Destruction, Enslaved, Exodus, Gorguts, Hate Eternal, Hypocrisy, Impaler, Incantation, Katatonia, King Diamond, Krisiun, Lullacry, Macabre, Malevolent Creation, Mayhem, The Mentors, The Misfits, M.O.D., Naglfar, Nuclear Assault, Opeth, Suffocation, Usurper, Vital Remains, Windir, Zyklon and many others.

In 2016, we celebrate 20 years as a band. Emaciation is now getting airplay, interviews, positive feedback & interest from around the globe. We are working to become as finely tuned as possible, gain worldwide distribution & reach as many fans of music as we can. Thanks to our kin, the bands, clubs, friends & fans for all your support over the years!